nedjelja, 3. prosinca 2017.

Crazy witch Violet - amigurumi

Ova gospođica vještica Violet prijavila se na nagradni natječaj "Fantasy Creatures" na stranici
 Konkurencija je žestoka, no ako želite pomoći Violet da osvoji neku nagradicu, možete to učiniti putem ovog linka.

Glasači također imaju mogućnost osvojiti nagradu 
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 Thanks and good luck to all. Možda osvojimo vunicu 

Violet's story:
  The crazy witch Violet lives in the deep forest. Like every witch, she deals with various spells and prepares magic drinks in her shelter. She often goes out of the woods on her broomstick. She is currently collecting firewood for cold winter. Although everyone thinks she is very evil and running away from her, Violet is just a little evil and crazy because she is lonely. She likes cats and birds that are her only friends. I crocheted this Crazy witch with a worsted weight yarn and a 3 mm hook. She has gray hair, purple hat, granny square scarf and laces of different colors on her boots. The stick on her broom is the twig found in the woods. The violet is 23 cm high without a hat 

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